Remorseful [adjective]

Definition of Remorseful:

guilty, ashamed

Synonyms of Remorseful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Remorseful:

Sentence/Example of Remorseful:

But the Sikhs maintained a remorseful silence and declined it.

Now I understood the remorseful strain I had detected in her speeches.

She took his hand in hers, a pang of remorseful pity wrenching her heart.

The remorseful past and the pain-filled present engulfed him.

His face was wrenched with pain, and his eyes full of remorseful misery.

I felt as remorseful as if every tear he was hiding was a drop of blood.

She answered him with a soft little gasp, of a remorseful sob.

She left him there and flew to Mabel, whom she embraced with a remorseful hug.

Mr. Mervale seemed the picture of remorseful guilt and avenging bile.

Ashurst bit at his sleeve, to stifle a groan of remorseful longing.