Compunctious [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Compunctious:

Occasionally, I tried to take the long-hoarded sting out of these compunctious smarts by attending divine service in the open air.

But, amidst my present 'compunctious visitings,' I thought of atoning for my former rebellions by one heroic act of submission.

She must have gone indoors, they concluded, and Esther began to feel very compunctious for having left her alone so long.

First, he pointed one ear and turned his head with sly, compunctious timidity, as if ashamed to enjoy his own triumph.

When my lady was gone, Bessie grieved and vexed herself with compunctious thoughts.

At length a compunctious visiting shoots across the mind of the truant composer.

Catharine, inured to treachery and hardened in vice, was apparently a stranger to all compunctious visitings.

But forget not that nature has her "compunctious visitings," and will rise up in insurrection against you.

A sort of compunctious silence fell upon the others at this announcement.

She was very white, and she knew—for with her nerves thus sharpened she saw everything—that he was both uneasy and compunctious.