Unashamed [adjective]

Definition of Unashamed:

corrupt, indecent

Synonyms of Unashamed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unashamed:

Sentence/Example of Unashamed:

They are sensual with an unashamed violence that leaves you breathless.

"Well, I'm not letting them starve," was the unashamed admission.

She was the very dawn of life herself, untarnished, unfatigued, unashamed.

He walked home with her unashamed, feeling not at all like a rejected suitor.

He hesitated for a moment; then waved us a bland, unashamed salutation.

Said he; “It is the wont of the Gods to lie, and be unashamed, and men-folk must bear with it.”

She looked at Stephen appealingly, unashamed of the tears in her eyes.

It was shadowless and unashamed; it expressed a trouble that had in it no taint of self.

His tone was that of frank and unashamed, if regretful, narrative.

The humor of homesickness makes no pretence, and is unashamed.