Unabashed [adjective]

Definition of Unabashed:


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Sentence/Example of Unabashed:

"Oh, you may have a chance yet," continued the unabashed young man.

Her eyes held him briefly, unabashed at what they might tell.

From the first week she has talked all she knew in unabashed fashion.

It linked that time with this, as Madame Beattie, in her unabashed self-seeking, linked it.

“You know more women than I do,” retorted the unabashed Marlow.

I looked at him curiously and met his unabashed and impenetrable eyes.

"I bring my own excuse, Madam," he answered, smiling and unabashed.

"Oh, we shouldn't do it as publicly as all that," said the unabashed Cash.

"We come for our day's hire, your reverence," said the foreman, unabashed.

Unabashed he seemed to take a pride in the spendthrift race he had run.