Blatant [adjective]

Definition of Blatant:

obvious; brazen

Synonyms of Blatant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blatant:

Sentence/Example of Blatant:

Those cases led the court to end blatant discriminate against women.

When I asked women last year about the factors keeping women from ascending to the top of banking’s corporate ladder, not one cited the kind of blatant, sleazy sexism that once plagued trading floors.

Only, for people who look like him, there is a blatant disparity.

They shared stories of blatant sexism and harassment, but they also shared their triumphs.

She realised now from what a blatant scoundrel she had been saved; but she still bitterly resented our intervention.

Neither our blatant friend Sabatier, nor our courteous acquaintance of last night, shall catch me sleeping.

There is not a patent medicine on the market for which any more blatant, extravagant and ridiculous claims are made.

Three months' time was all that these blatant boasters allowed for the utter destruction of the Huguenots in France.

At other times the great bull would merely have been enraged at this blatant clamor and taken it as a challenge.

This lesson it took weeks to perfect, because the Pup himself always seemed mortified at the blatant discords which he made.