Showy [adjective]

Definition of Showy:

flamboyant, flashy

Synonyms of Showy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Showy:

Sentence/Example of Showy:

Pretty, odd and showy, but by no means as superb a flower as some of the others.

It was a cheap lot, cheap and showy, and it fetched jolly little.

It was flamboyant and showy; cheap, and tawdrily pretentious.

Flowers irregular, showy, in large panicles; blooming in June.

Often cultivated for the showy clusters of berries in autumn.

Flowers large, showy, 5-parted (Hollyhock-shaped), in late summer.

The whole family offered a spectacle of gay and showy magnificence.

There is always some one ready to exercise your horses, if they happen to be showy ones.

The military seldom patronized it, because it was not showy enough.

Alexander was quick-witted, talented, and showy, if I may use so barbarous a word.