Classy [adjective]

Definition of Classy:

stylish, having panache

Synonyms of Classy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Classy:

Sentence/Example of Classy:

Sure, it originated in Europe, where it was a classy affair with artfully arranged salted fish, eggs, breads, and butter.

The Sense comes in, arguably, classier colors with either gray or gold.

Plus, fountain pens are undeniably fun to use, with a classy flair reminiscent of quills and ink bottles.

With a classy nickel base and a curved ceramic body that comes in three distinct colors, including a cool rusted orange, this small appliance adds character to a room.

It is pocket sized and portable, with a classy aluminum design.

But you'll sure be a knock-out when that she-undertaker in there gets you rigged out in classy clothes.

A little pretty and tasty no doubt; but very choice and classy—very genteel and high toned indeed.

Say, I seem to have married a good many of this classy family!

I don't see where I'm going to come into this classy conversation.

Yes, I'm negotiating for one of the biggest classy building plots on upper Fifth Avenue.