Sharp [adjective]

Definition of Sharp:

knifelike, cutting

Synonyms of Sharp:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sharp:

Sentence/Example of Sharp:

"I shall want you at seven-thirty sharp, to-morrow morning," he said, as they alighted.

With a sharp piece of flint he cut the fur of the animal's back.

There was a sharp, shrill cry from the boy, and Dozier whirled on him.

But she's a curious little party; sharp, without knowing it.

In sharp contrast to this, the drunkenness of Callidamates in Most.

She had heard of their doing so; heard them criticised with sharp sarcasm.

Under the window rang the sharp gong of a city patrol-wagon.

And sometimes I have sharp pains in the stomach, as if I had the colic.

A sharp wind came down from the heights, and whistled about their ears.

We'll land that stake; an' p'raps the sharp division'll take a tumble.