Pointed [adjective]

Definition of Pointed:

having a sharp end or part

Synonyms of Pointed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pointed:

Sentence/Example of Pointed:

Robert pointed in silence to the huge rock which lay on the track.

Viviette, with a gay laugh, took up her position on the spot to which he pointed.

He pointed to the rigid form of the dead man, lying there so very near them.

He pointed to the one that gave on the passageway against which he had set the chair tilted.

On the instant, the pistol leaped into view, pointed straight at Garson.

This bantering is most pointed if we assume that Rosaline was dark rather than fair.

She made no attempt to conceal them; rather, she pointed to them with pride.

Pale and trembling, I pointed to the horrible staircase by which we had come.

A dozen bayonets were pointed at their breasts with the whisper, 'Silence or death!'

He pointed out that forms and ceremonies were made for man, not man for forms and ceremonies.