Pronged [adjective]

Definition of Pronged:

having a sharp end or part

Synonyms of Pronged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pronged:

Sentence/Example of Pronged:

But it dodges out again like a wire worm through a three pronged fork.

Even in the wild fly there is a three pronged mark on the thorax present in many individuals.

A couple of pronged sticks are driven into the ground to serve as props for a horizontal bar.

They run ort as tho Satun hisself was arter them with a red hot ten pronged pitchfork.

Not a word was said; but as they advanced the troops opened fire with their jingalls and darted their pronged spears at them.

These rods were pronged branches, sometimes of willow, but preferably of witch-hazel or wild cherry.

The man in the punt was busy catching eels with a pronged pole, tipped with iron.

Its jaws, pronged like antlers, projected two yards before its huge, faceted eyes.

The pronged salmon spear is driven into the fleshy shoulders of the fish, when it is hauled out on to the bank.

With a pronged implement that they had given him, he set to work to mash the food into as soft a mass as possible.