Peaked [adjective]

Definition of Peaked:

pale, sick

Synonyms of Peaked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peaked:

Sentence/Example of Peaked:

The one in which I sat was long and narrow, as all the rest had been, with peaked gables.

By peaked we must understand "stole" or got admission by stealth.

Under it her peaked little face was the colour of old ivory.

The stoop was gone from his shoulders, and the peering, peaked look from his eyes.

She took the child away, and it peaked and pined from that day.

Peaked caps are worn usually, and cocked hats with full dress.

Nan had to admit that beside her uncle and cousins her father did look "peaked."

A man in a pilot jacket and peaked cap was leaning over the parapet.

The summit was peaked and turreted, and broken into many fantastic forms.

The tail was peaked like that of a rat, and about a foot and a half long.