Keen [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Keen:

That’s not good for a leader like Xi, keen to rule for life.

Sorkin is keen to stress that passion and persistence matter more than talent and the value of visualizing dreams before they become reality.

While countries are keen to build up scant domestic manufacturing capacity, it’s a costly and complex business, and difficult to compete with larger producers, Gavi’s Berkley said.

Like young adults who are keen to leave home at age 18, young leopards migrate in order to begin their family and establish territorial control over new areas.

For the last few months, Facebook, keen to look like it’s working with credible publishing sources, has paid Upday journalists to populate its Coronavirus Information Center.

Historically, the networks’ have sold their streaming inventory at a higher price than their linear inventory, so advertisers have been less keen to allocate their dollars toward it.

Later in university, I wasn’t keen on academia and dropped out to start my journey as a start-up entrepreneur.

As it happened, Berni had also become interested in foraging and Lévy walks and was keen to collaborate with someone in the field.

Ordinary people in ordinary firms are not as keen about finding better ways to do things, better products to make.

The student who does not intend to arouse himself need hope for no keen sense of beauty.