Spirited [adjective]

Definition of Spirited:

lively, vivacious

Synonyms of Spirited:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spirited:

Sentence/Example of Spirited:

Strathay has really gone, spirited away by that superior cousin.

For Fanny (but I did not tell him this) is much too spirited and clever to suit him.

The colour of the spirited chargers of these challengers was snow white.

The prince was, however, just the man to be the centre of a spirited opposition.

But are not these spirited natures apt to be savage with one another, and with everybody else?

And must not the like happen with the spirited or passionate element of the soul?

Yes, he said, the same will happen with the spirited element also.

If, however, one of the challenged be a spirited fellow, he defies him.

Then he curled up on the deck and breathed short but spirited.

A 'spirited tour,' truly, if perhaps the moral results had been greater.