Intrepid [adjective]

Definition of Intrepid:

brave, nervy

Synonyms of Intrepid:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intrepid:

Sentence/Example of Intrepid:

That conclusion rests on genetic evidence suggesting the intrepid South Americans mated with ancient Polynesians.

Residents weren’t allowed to visit their burned homes as the National Guard secured the area and local officials performed safety checks on utilities, but one intrepid neighbor snuck up the ridge to report back about the damage.

The interior of the 20-foot Basecamp X is cleverly designed, with plenty of space for gear and food for the three other intrepid campers along for my test.

One intrepid beetle, though, made the journey in just six minutes!

On average, it took six hours for the beetles to escape, though one intrepid individual completed the journey in just six minutes.

He was one of the most daring, brave and intrepid officers of the army, and his adventures almost border on romance.

The intrepid Vergniaud alone refused to adopt any measure of safety.

That intrepid investigator, Bosio, was several times well nigh lost in their mysterious depths.

One dark night, on February 3, 1804, the Intrepid left the rest of the fleet and set sail for the harbor of Tripoli.

Quick-burning material was brought from the Intrepid, put in good places, and set on fire.