Animated [adjective]

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Additionally, they can find ways to have their streaming and linear properties collaborate, as WarnerMedia will be doing with an animated series it has picked up and plans to distribute across HBO Max and Cartoon Network.

For the second time in a week, the United States bore witness to an animated and interruption-filled political discussion.

Within the animated Disney canon, these kinds of readings can be found everywhere.

BrainPOP, which produces short animated videos that explain complex ideas to K-12 students, offered its platform for free and has added more than one million new accounts since the spring, CEO Scott Kirkpatrick says.

Longcluse looked animated—smiling; but a stupendous load lay on his heart.

A stronger heart than Michael's might have quailed in his position; yet the pressure from without animated and invigorated him.

Nothing could be more animated than the scene before me, and which spread to the utmost reach of view.

We need hardly say that the conversation was animated, and that it bore largely on the life-history of the absent Susy.

It is only the servile adulation of later writers that has pictured Bruce as animated by patriotism.

Intellectual enthusiasm alone animated her in welcoming an intellectual union with a noble mind.