Snappy [adjective]

Definition of Snappy:

nasty, irritable

Synonyms of Snappy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snappy:

Sentence/Example of Snappy:

"There, chicken—the heat always turns me snappy," she repented instantly.

She had a snappy temper and a sharp tongue and was, indeed, something of a tomboy.

I'd do the snappy paragraphs, and you would do the fiction and poetry.

The American train was in charge of two snappy doughboys, a corporal and a private.

I threw them as snappy a salute as I could muster and they filed out.

"It is time I was on my round," said Jack Frost, in a snappy, sharp tone.

Portwood's plays are usually so dashed bright and snappy and all that.

And when she was snappy, they laughed at her and did not mind.

You can't faze him with the snappy repartee, either; for that's his specialty.

The parley that followed with the captain was short and snappy.