Epigrammatic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Epigrammatic:

He knew her well enough to know that she never made use of the method epigrammatic without good reason.

"Oh, epigrammatic sentences expressive of moral feelings or virtues," replied my neighbour easily.

"Epigrammatic," said the King, shaking his finger sadly at him.

This brought the council of war to a really epigrammatic ending, and Lady Dover rose with her customary speech.

We next note a contact with the "Yellow Book," a dip into "cleverness," into the epigrammatic genre, the bare epigrammatic style.

Many of his epigrammatic sayings have passed into proverbs: for example, that “genius is but a supreme capacity for taking pains.”

We laughed amazingly at your epigrammatic witticisms; your reputation is already established here.

The style is noticeable for epigrammatic wit and wisdom in the lighter scene, and for dramatic power in the serious ones.

Huxley was a forceful and epigrammatic writer, and had a command of English second to no scientist that England has ever produced.

I shall add a few words, of necessity almost epigrammatic, upon his work and character.