Terse [adjective]

Definition of Terse:

brief, short

Opposite/Antonyms of Terse:

Sentence/Example of Terse:

This is terse, but it involved much more than was said, as will later appear.

"I did not notice any sign that you did," was the terse response.

The Master was unimpeachable; His terse, cogent assertions were unanswerable.

"Get Benson by himself and frighten him into a confession," was the terse reply.

But with the true poet every thing is terse, touching, or brilliant.

This was terse, pointed, plausible—the stereotyped "machine" argument.

The terse—too terse—message passed from hand to hand till it reached Terry.

Captain Candage offered no rejoinder to that terse and meaty summing up.

The characters are cleverly drawn, the dialogue is terse and pointed.'

"It's a good thing, for that's all we'll get," was the terse reply.