Compendious [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Compendious:

A very complete and compendious work, apparently accurate and in beautiful style.

To other persons they may serve as a compendious view of the most important discoveries relating to the subject.

It is, perhaps, too compendious; and I dislike its being given in the form of letters.

He sat down by his lamp and tried to read—to read a little compendious life of a great English statesman, out of a “series.”

But there is another way, more compendious still, of summing up his political chronicle.

But whoever is dissatisfied with this compendious deduction, may trace my faults to certain accidents in my early education.

There was never so compendious a piece of absolute universal tyranny.

A compendious manual for review in technical grammar preparatory to more advanced studies in language.

What is the best compendious gazetteer or topographical dictionary of Normandy extant?

Some persons, who hate all innovations, will pronounce all this 'mummery,' which is a very compendious piece of criticism.