Abbreviated [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Abbreviated:

You will either get an abbreviated report or none at all, so it’s important to take notes and photographs while you’re there with your inspector.

An abbreviated raceAhead today, it has been a long year this week and we all need to reward ourselves for our labor.

For this students' edition some of the less important remarks have been abbreviated, and the references to authorities omitted.

This was adopted, as it didn't occur to any of the children that the abbreviated word might convey an unintended meaning.

The effect of diminished ground-floors and abbreviated lamp-posts and trees was sinister.

The entire four parts are now repeated, beginning with the L foot, as described below, somewhat abbreviated.

I came out on the stage practically nude except for an abbreviated leopard skin.

Later I heard that his own name was so hard to pronounce that everyone who knew him abbreviated it to 'Mike'.

More significant is the still further abbreviated form in which the sounds of speech are not articulated at all.

Harper leaped into the air with a yell, as Professor Gault's abbreviated body sidled up to him from behind.