Digest [noun]

Definition of Digest:

abridgement of something written

Synonyms of Digest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Digest:


Sentence/Example of Digest:

If you want an overview of just the numbers, Natasha and I wrote a digest here.

Beyond speeding up the reading process, you can use digest tools to get edited highlights, and speed through documents, books, emails, and websites faster than before.

If you want to deal with a bunch of content at once, there’s Mailbrew, a smart digest service that covers a whole range of sources including email newsletters, Twitter, Reddit, and Google News.

Compared with tough chunks of tissue torn from adult starfish, very little genetic material from these easier-to-digest tidbits would probably make it through a fish’s gut.

We are trying to digest the riffraff of the world, and can't do it, in spite of such incorrigible optimists as Judge Leslie.

Unlike those feathered Romans of the Decadence, we moderns settle for one meal at a sitting, and let it digest in peace.

No doubt, it is possible to thoroughly digest all the requisite material, and then present it in a perfect, beautiful form.

Of deeper interest was the act appointing a committee to make a digest of the laws, that they may be putt in print.

He paused to digest this impossibility, then chattered briskly on.

At the evening meal the appetite is again whetted: and a good appetite always means good gastric juice to digest the369 meal.