Enlarged [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Enlarged:

The inner ends of the burrows were enlarged with a depression in the floor, where the eggs were laid.

A moderately enlarged testis (probably regressing) was noted in the specimen from Pisté, on July 21.

The church has lately been much enlarged, and the long-standing rebuke no more exists.

In 1763 the chapel was enlarged, and at the same time a little more land was added to the graveyard.

It has since been enlarged, and is now much more ornamental as well as being useful.

He afterwards enlarged his model and adopted a flatter pattern, and arrived at the greatest perfection about 1700.

The upper and lower end blocks have been enlarged in many instances to obtain a better hold on the upper and lower table.

The state is but the enlarged household and the head of the state is its religious representative.

In Marmota the baculum is greatly enlarged at the posterior end and forms a shieldlike surface.

Unhappily, those signs of activity in it decreased, instead of being enlarged and deepened.