Inflated [adjective]

Definition of Inflated:


Opposite/Antonyms of Inflated:

Sentence/Example of Inflated:

You'd think GameStop would have tried to take advantage of this brief market mania, cashing in on its suddenly hot brand by trading inflated stock for real money that could help its struggling brick-and-mortar business.

You certainly come across it in the media, where people’s egos can get very inflated.

Vaccine experts say the dispiriting launch reflects more than inflated estimates.

Pressure checkerIt’s safer to roll on tires that are properly inflated.

That inflated score can mean a longer wait for a kidney because eGFR must drop to a certain level before you can start accumulating time on the transplant waitlist.

The five local real estate agents who reviewed the transaction for ProPublica had somewhat differing opinions about whether Perdue got an inflated price and, if so, how inflated.

It might be hard, but it will make you more well-rounded and help you know what’s true and what’s inflated.

At the end of the day, paid media is artificially inflated growth.

But the sheer quantity of the inflated currency and false money forces prices higher still.

The finest colored, a pale yellow leaf, brings "inflated" prices, but more often by others than the poor Turk who grows it.