Deflated [adjective]

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Like many other Bitcoin boosters, Okung has claimed the cryptocurrency is superior to traditional currencies because governments can’t deflate its value.

Groveling, meanwhile, only serves to deflate you while inflating the foot in your mouth.

To rupture the internal logic of these toys, and to deflate the operational mandate of industrialization, requires more than just offering interoperability.

What you want is a handbrake, where you can slowly bring down the momentum in the market so that it can deflate without exploding.

Most balloons these days are made with separate chambers—the arms, the head, the body—so that the whole balloon will not deflate should a hole appear in one part of the balloon.

Pride's only for use when wit breaks down—it's the train the cyclist takes when his tire's deflated.

Toryl, somewhat deflated, but by no means defeated, hastened to elucidate.

When they reach Tekrit they leave the poles there, and start up-stream on foot, carrying their deflated goatskins.

He sprang into the pen, and before Nicodemus could arrive, was back on the fence with the deflated ball.

She was sorry for him; it was worse for him to have this deflated love than for herself, who could never be properly mated.