Compressed [verb]

Definition of Compressed:

compact, condense

Synonyms of Compressed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compressed:

Sentence/Example of Compressed:

Whether the drills are worked by compressed air, or by hand in the old-fashioned way, the effect is the same.

She stood regarding him a moment with lips compressed and a white, startled, angry face.

His brow was calm, but his mouth closely compressed, as if to sustain some firm resolve.

Arnold looked at her for a single comprehending instant, a pitying instant, then his lips compressed tightly as he turned away.

Sometimes the whole history is compressed into one crowded scene, as in the following example.

The heart was exposed and compressed rhythmically; it was restored to action, and he began to breathe.

“No,” she said decidedly; and her little lips were tightly compressed, so that they should not give vent to a sob.

Jacinth sat there with a grave, almost expressionless face, her lips compressed in a way which her uncle knew well.

Ida did not shed a tear, but her compressed lips and contracted brow said this did not proceed from insensibility.

In a single volume Thucydides relates what could scarcely be compressed into eight volumes of a modern history.