Disperse [verb]

Definition of Disperse:

distribute; scatter

Opposite/Antonyms of Disperse:

Sentence/Example of Disperse:

The state quadrupled eligibility for the vaccine last month and began dispersing its limited number of doses among a broader base of providers.

Outside the court, hundreds of Navalny’s supporters crowded the sidewalks, two days after riot police used batons and stun guns to violently disperse protests in dozens of cities, arresting a record 5,000 people, including dozens of journalists.

The state dispersed $266 million to districts to help pay for some expenses and issued public health guidance to help schools plan.

Then maybe you can disperse the photographs to different family members.

Those chemicals caused the plastic molecules that were dispersed in the liquids to bunch together into solid clumps that could be fished out.

It has three temperature settings, two speed settings, and a diffuser attachment shaped like a hand to lift from the roots and evenly disperse air.

If our bodies and brains are nothing more than material atoms, then, as Lucretius wrote two millennia ago, when those atoms disperse as they do after death, there can be no further existence of the living being that once was.

The only drawback of these quiet systems is that this vibration will disperse material contained within the water, which means it’s essential to clean the unit frequently.

One of the few native birds remaining is the Micronesian starling, which plays a vital role in maintaining Guam’s forests by dispersing seeds from the fruits they eat.

You will notice that it immediately transforms into a smooth emulsion, ensuring that the ingredients are evenly dispersed.