Sow [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Sow:

But the aristocracy did not sow this piece with rye, I suppose?

This indicated to her with what grain she could sow the field most profitably.

And the sow that was washed, she went wallerin' in the mire, first chance she got.

Sow auricula and polyanthus seeds in boxes, made of rough boards six inches deep, with holes at the bottom to run off the water.

Sow small sallads once in two days, as in the former month: at the same time choose a warm border, and sow some purslain.

Sow another crop of peas, and plant more beans; choose a dry spot for them, where they can be sheltered from the winter's cold.

Dig up a warm border, and sow some French beans; let them have a dry soil, and give them no water till they appear above ground.

Or sow with hemp all the borders where cabbages are planted, so as to enclose them, and not one of these vermin will approach.

Dry the kernels of Pippins, and sow them in the end of Nouember.

As for me, the garden of my mind is withering, and I am consuming the seed I ought to sow.