Disseminate [verb]

Definition of Disseminate:

distribute, scatter

Synonyms of Disseminate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disseminate:

Sentence/Example of Disseminate:

The long-time leader of Europe’s biggest economy was short on comforting words, saying that beating the disease hangs on the uncertain pace of developing and disseminating a vaccine—a process that could take 12 months or more.

Some of the insights shared by our dozens of panelists helped to explain trends or disseminate practical advice, both of which will be crucial to marketers as we move past these first six months of marketing disruption.

The idea of “self-disseminating” vaccines has floated through epidemiological circles for decades, conceived mainly as a tool for protecting the health of wildlife.

Because health care — unlike the education system, the first three years of life really don’t have any infrastructure in which to disseminate programs.

It is legal in the United States to create and disseminate a medical device without FDA approval as long as no money is exchanged.

With him painting was an instrument to disseminate the inventions of his poetic-satiric humour; it was a form of speech to him.

He had imbibed an opinion that it was his duty to disseminate the truths of the gospel among the unbelieving nations.

As they came to enjoy and disseminate their religion, they had no motive to irritate or disturb the aboriginal inhabitants.

The work of its ministers is not to discover and promulgate truths, but to invent and disseminate falsehoods.

Now it is very unpleasant to find that your news is untrue, when you have been at great pains to disseminate it.