Arrive [verb]

Definition of Arrive:

come to a destination

Synonyms of Arrive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arrive:

Sentence/Example of Arrive:

They did not arrive in time, so that some of the vessels had sailed, three of which were captured by the enemy.

Peu aprs nostre arrive, i'escrivy l'estat auquel nous avons retrouv ceste Eglise et Colonie naissante.

It was near the hour, by the time they got there, when David Arden would arrive from his northern point of departure.

They were sure that the white troops in Meerut would soon arrive and put an end to the prevalent anarchy.

Alila was not two hours old before friends began to arrive to see him.

Succor could not arrive, he argued, and they were in duty bound to save the surviving civilians and the women and children.

The man did not live, nor could the occasion arrive, which would quicken his constitutional drawl.

Mais on peut bien appeller vn voyage heureux, quand en fin on arrive bon port.

Le lendemain arrive l grande assemble d'hommes, lesquels danserent leur mode alentour du deced.

We now arrive at a point when the question may be fairly put, how much help did he have, and of what kind was it?