Alight [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Alight:

“With pleasure, my dear fellow,” said the major puffing vigorously for a few moments to get his pipe well alight.

The sky was alight from zenith to horizon, the Nile aflame with sunrise, by the time the letter was written.

His eyes alight with hope, he ran out, leaving the door open so that his conversation was again audible to the visitor.

Miss Jewett was speaking in her brisk, working voice; the troubled face had become alight.

In addition to their huts of leaves, they had erected a small temple, where they invited us to alight.

I saw the young farmer alight from it and, a minute later, he entered my consulting room.

There was no beam under that roof, upon which he could alight; and how he bore his plight I did not wait to see.

It took him barely a moment to discover the group of girls, and he came toward them, hand outstretched, eyes alight with greeting.

At the Royal Abbey doors they stopped successively to let the noblemen and ladies alight.

At Rochester, where alight at Mr. Alcock's and there drank and had good sport, with his bringing out so many sorts of cheese.