Dismount [verb]

Definition of Dismount:

get off something higher

Synonyms of Dismount:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dismount:


Get up

Sentence/Example of Dismount:

Quickly the order was given to dismount and send the horses back in charge of every fourth man.

The order was given them to dismount, and the men not holding the horses moved forward and formed into line.

"We'd better dismount," said Betty's voice, surprisingly calm and matter-of-fact.

His quick eye took in the situation and he ordered his men to dismount and take position behind the mules and wagons.

The half-breed helped Helen dismount and told her to go to his tent, a small, pyramid affair at one end of the glade.

We travelled along until mid-day, and the fatigue and heat made us glad to dismount at a stream which crossed the road.

But you had better dismount, and, if such is your pleasure, join our Mujlis for as long as you feel inclined.

My horse was led under the tree: I was compelled to dismount, and to share their repast, such as it was.

Edward went out to assist Miss Heatherstone to dismount, and she frankly extended her hand to him as she reached the ground.

Thus mounted, it is impossible for the most vicious horse ever to dismount them.