Garner [verb]

Definition of Garner:

collect, accumulate

Synonyms of Garner:

Opposite/Antonyms of Garner:

Sentence/Example of Garner:

Margaret Garner knew very well what fate awaited her handsome little daughter, and that nerved her arm to strike the death-blow.

Rum, however, he now promised them, and whatever loot they could garner from the Malay fleet; so they cheered him heartily.

Clasen and Garner, not to speak of Holm himself, awaited her arrival with considerable interest.

He flung the cash-box into the safe with a clang, and Garner judged it best to disappear without delay.

A little later, Garner came down to the quay, and found Bramsen still meditating on his box.

Garner was still in the dark as to whither all this wisdom tended, and began absently slitting up a coffee-sack.

And Bramsen went on again with his whaling yarns for a spell, until Garner found it was time to get back to the shop.

Professor Garner has studied simian speech so carefully that he is able to converse with Monkeys to a limited extent.

He died there on September 29th, 1869, passing away with the leaves of autumn, a ripe sheaf into the garner of God.

Wherever possible troops were sent out to garner the crops in the surrounding country.