Store [noun]

Definition of Store:

collection, supply

Synonyms of Store:

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Sentence/Example of Store:

No; I left him here, while I went to the store for a new hatchet.

Stepping into the store, he attracted the attention of the proprietor.

The lawyer's brows were knit as he faced the proprietor of the store.

"You are trifling, Smithson," the owner of the store exclaimed, in high exasperation.

Not recognizing her, our store detective detained her for a short time.

Mary regarded the owner of the store with grave questioning in her violet eyes.

What has all this to do with the question of theft in the store?

Seal the jars while hot, allow them to cool, and then store.

And the two went shamblingly in sure knowledge of the things that were in store.

I will content myself with describing what is in store for the tourist.