Quantity [noun]

Definition of Quantity:

number or amount

Synonyms of Quantity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quantity:

Sentence/Example of Quantity:

The quantity of sugar produced was small compared to that produced on other estates.

(b) What food substance do they supply in quantity to the diet?

They are very sour and do not contain sugar in any quantity.

Renmark arose leisurely and picked up a quantity of the books.

I don't care for you—to marry you—a bit, but I like you, oh, a quantity!

The meat was little better than the bread in quality, and quite as scant in quantity.

But their budget of news was fairly prodigious, alike in range and quantity.

Then make the pickle, which must be in proportion to the quantity of fish.

This quantity of sugar and salt will be sufficient for fifty pounds of meat.

If the lard is in too small a quantity they will be flat and tough.