Capacity [noun]

Definition of Capacity:

volume; limit of volume held

Synonyms of Capacity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Capacity:

Sentence/Example of Capacity:

Wasn't the dead man stretched in the shadow convincing proof of their capacity for pure devilishness?

This widening grasp of languages is or was within the capacity of nearly everyone born into the world—given the facilities.

Here and there exceptional industry or extraordinary capacity raised the artisan to wealth and turned the "man" into the "master."

There was a while when I developed a marvelous capacity for dodging invitations to Fort Walsh.

It is said that his bold spirit, his capacity for work and his great influence daunted his most determined opponents.

If the wages are graded according to capacity, then the grading is done by the everlasting elective officials.

He was physically strong and able to endure fatigue, and he had great capacity for taking pains.

For nature knows of no such differences in original capacity between the children of the fortunate and the unfortunate.

This act is performed by the Christian church in a collective ecclesiastical capacity.

The greenish suit he wore was filled to capacity with overly developed muscles.