Latitude [noun]

Definition of Latitude:

freedom, room to move; scope

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Sentence/Example of Latitude:

“Permafrost is a feature that has been part of the underground landscape in high latitudes for a long time,” says Sawyer at Ohio State.

As the MJO moves across and out of the Maritime Continent, it triggers stronger circulation patterns that push air toward higher latitudes.

For example, you can add a metric structure to the surface of a ball, like longitude and latitude lines on a globe.

Occasionally, designers are granted the creative latitude to create mascots from the ground up, in any shape or taxonomy.

The latitude where this forest once existed, 82° S, is a paleolatitude, Gramling says.

It succeeds best in a deep rich loam in a climate ranging from forty to fifty degrees of latitude.

The French navigator, De Pages, passed the 81st degree of north latitude, in an attempt to reach the pole.

Between 1° and 2°, or 3° North latitude, frequent changes in the weather are very common.

From 2° to 3° South latitude the wind is very irregular, and frequently excessively violent.

Between 10° and 20° South latitude we again met with very peculiar prevalent winds.