Extreme [adjective]

Definition of Extreme:

very great

Synonyms of Extreme:

Opposite/Antonyms of Extreme:

Sentence/Example of Extreme:

The co-founder also stressed that most of Public’s users find its service organically, implying that the startup’s marketing costs have not been extreme, nor its growth artificially boosted.

The Crosby-Malkin Penguins do have a history of extreme late-season surges.

In extreme cases, you can end up with a single person shouldering the burden of many hands — very unfair.

I think that the problem is that in some cases, not in those extreme cases, there’s speech that one person might say is legitimate and should be up, but others say it should be taken down.

Mars is substantially more complicated, with an atmosphere that distributes heat and makes the temperature extremes far more moderate, plus orbital wobbles that ensure seasonal changes in temperature.

With avalanche danger high right now, please exercise extreme caution.

Among the other extremes of the year 2020, it was also one of the two hottest years on record, tying with 2016.

Overton is most known for creating the Overton Window — a means by which to analyze and rebrand extreme policies to make them more acceptable to the public.

He’s been watching extreme partisan politics play out on the news, reading books about race and gender, and he’s struggling to work out the nuance of who’s allowed to be a victim.

That could offer the ultimate test of Einstein’s equations, revealing whether we truly understand how spacetime is warped in the extreme.