High [adjective]

Definition of High:

tall; at a great distance aloft

Synonyms of High:

Opposite/Antonyms of High:

Sentence/Example of High:

There are keywords that we feel are important, even though they may be generic and high-volume.

This is more a manual job with high chances of ads not delivering to expectations.

Disney didn’t think it would hit that number for several more years, so it’s giving itself a much higher goal.

Continual monitoring and optimization of the team’s high-level KPIs, CTR, and CPC is what ultimately drove success for the business.

If you haven’t produced high-quality content in the first place, it’s unlikely that optimization will help you get any further.

At some points, you have to work with Six, as she gives you a boost to a higher platform or helps you across a large gap.

At least 18 million Americans still lack speedy, reliable connectivity, the Federal Communications Commission found in a report released last June, though agency officials have cautioned that the actual number is probably much higher.

The high-octane Chiefs failed to score a touchdown, and Mahomes finished 26-49, with 270 yards and two interceptions.

The Hornets notched a season-high 59 rebounds to the Wizards’ 48, and in the aftermath Brooks, Bradley Beal and backup point guard Ish Smith all said Washington needs to step up and take personal pride in playing defense.

Wilson also had four points Sunday, including a career-high three assists.