Alpine [adjective]

Definition of Alpine:

mountaintop; high altitude

Synonyms of Alpine:

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Sentence/Example of Alpine:

Some of my most vivid and spectacular memories are of time spent quietly observing the world under inky night skies, on high-alpine ridgelines, and in damp forests, chasing animals.

Maybe you’re driving through the dark for an alpine start or coming home after a long day recreating outside.

Fasson said it’s up to alpine guides to understand the rapid changes and avoid routes that might pose greater danger.

Go ultra early to avoid swarms of people, and enjoy an easy stroll through a dense pine forest that spits you out at the foot of Hallett Peak’s impressive alpine cirque.

In an ordinary Alpine region the névé districts, where the snow gathers, are relatively small.

Passage over it is often one of the most difficult feats to accomplish which the Alpine explorer has to undertake.

In Europe it extended to the Alpine region, but failed to reach the countries bordering on the Mediterranean.

There are also a number of alpine species suitable for rockeries, such as C. alpina, caucasica, caespitosa and others.

Bud walked at least a rod toward Alpine before he swung short around in his tracks and started the other way.

Joe had been in Alpine between trains, taking orders for goods from the two saloons and the hotel.