Depressed [adjective]

Definition of Depressed:


Opposite/Antonyms of Depressed:

Sentence/Example of Depressed:

The economic recovery will be stunted and thwarted if that doesn’t happen…the economy will be depressed.

I became depressed, sometimes to the point that I would stay in bed for a couple of days in a row.

While peaks in e-commerce revenue have been a welcome sight, it’s a far cry from making up for depressed ad revenues.

That is, HACA was historically overly lenient with its residents and that it was collecting a depressed amount of rent from residents.

By the way, another possibility, Stephen, is that the people who are happier are just different from the people who are depressed, and they’re both growing in number and the middle’s getting carved out.

For example, nearly all of the Suffering group say they have been more anxious or depressed since the measures were announced, compared with just 8% of the Accepting.

Mlle. Mayer had been for some time in a depressed condition, and her friends had been anxious about her.

This would in any event have depressed prices of cotton, even under ordinary conditions.

Mrs. Armine was fatigued by the journey, and by the long day at Denderah, which had secretly depressed her.

It was a rather depressed stock-hand, name of Flood, who blew cigarette smoke out over the brow of Writing-Stone that evening.