Destroyed [adjective]

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Temperature and humidity can have a profound impact on grain storage, and the wrong environmental conditions can lead farmers to destroy significant portions of crop storage.

“We need to look at the places that are most at risk for not just fires, but disastrous fires that destroy whole communities, and do the mitigation work that will save lives and reduce property destruction,” she says.

Meanwhile, 15 fires have destroyed more than 681,000 acres in Washington.

This means that data will be taken by a body, used in a specific way, for a specific purpose, and then deleted or destroyed or given back afterwards.

We shouldn’t confuse the power we currently wield to destroy Earth systems with the power it takes to build stable networks.

The playground at the school was destroyed by the fires, and reporters present said ash fell on Harris and Newsom as they spoke briefly about what they had seen and heard.

If you ever found yourself on Venus, you’d be destroyed in moments.

If you destroyed each particular thing that exists, you’d end up with literally nothing.

It also says that samples will be anonymized, not transported from Hong Kong, and destroyed within a month.

Beyond just Australia, a Bloomberg opinion piece argued that publisher business models were disrupted but not destroyed by Google and Facebook, and the former should take responsibility for their own revenue.