Overwhelmed [adjective]

Definition of Overwhelmed:


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Sentence/Example of Overwhelmed:

The man who had so loved her, so trusted her, was overwhelmed by the revelation.

The children of that pair have been overwhelmed, and found no such refuge.

In fact, her mind had never been overwhelmed by a wasteful torrent of learning.

Gallant men of our own army will be overwhelmed unless we get up in time!

"Unfortunate me," continued Cornelius, overwhelmed with grief.

I made superhuman efforts at resistance, but was overwhelmed with fatigue.

But in poetry, good heavens, how we've been overwhelmed with Woman, always Woman!

Whenever I appeared in public, I was overwhelmed by the gazing of the multitude.

Then I left the room quickly—I could not stay, I was overwhelmed.

For a moment the Serbians, overwhelmed by numbers, were on the point of fleeing.