Devastated [verb]

Definition of Devastated:

demolish, destroy

Synonyms of Devastated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Devastated:

Sentence/Example of Devastated:

Air travel around the world has been devastated by the fallout from the pandemic, which raised health concerns over flying on the part of consumers and authorities.

Covid-19 was the second pandemic of the decade for Liberia, which was devastated by Ebola just five years ago.

It’s a phenomenon that risks increasing inbreeding, which could devastate the already endangered species.

The theater’s president, whose parents founded the theater, held a press conference Friday to say she and her staff were “heartbroken and devastated” by the stories they’d heard.

In an op-ed an educator who works at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education warns that the new state budget’s new formula for school funding could devastate schools across California.

However, shortly afterward, the undisciplined host was utterly devastated by the Seljuk Turks at the Battle of Civetot.

When Edward reached Durham city, he was apprised of the passage of the Scots by a track of smoking ruins and devastated fields.

In recent days it has been again devastated by the great world war, as its gaunt ruins mutely tell.

Five years of warfare and its sequence—the bandit community—had devastated the provinces.

The reason why these saints are invoked as a group is said to have been an epidemic which devastated Europe from 1346 to 1349.