Restored [adjective]

Definition of Restored:


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Sentence/Example of Restored:

It was restored with great expedition, and was re-opened within the same year.

And they would be obeyed, or I never should be restored to their favour, let the consequence be what it would.

At last, Gilder was restored in a measure to his self-possession.

The King was enchanted with the music, and restored Handel to favour.

He did belong to somebody, after all; and Stineli's words had restored his tranquility.

After a while peace and quiet were restored in the household.

It was the Eternal Grace which had pity upon her, and restored her illusions.

The thousand dollars you paid in will be restored to you; it is yours.

There was also the penitent wolf, who had restored a little pig he had intended eating.

From brute beasts you have restored us to the condition of men again.