Replaced [adjective]

Definition of Replaced:

returned to the same place

Synonyms of Replaced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Replaced:


Sentence/Example of Replaced:

He lighted the lamp, turned down the wick, and replaced the chimney.

The Sempers can never be imitated, passed on to the next class, nor replaced.

Emma is Emma, you know, and cannot be duplicated, imitated nor replaced.

She turned immediately and went back, he following, and replaced the key.

All trace of stress and strain had left it, replaced by an enigmatic calm.

How willingly he would have hastened back and replaced the money if he but had it.

But surely that was the money, his winnings, with which he had replaced the thousand dollars.

Yes, he had replaced it—because he was responsible for its custody.

She took a companion, who more than replaced, in her eyes, the absence of Camilla.

The Israelite kissed it thrice with oriental veneration, and replaced it in his breast.