Wrecked [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Wrecked:

It is but a feeble destiny that is wrecked by passion, when it should be ennobled.

It was afterwards reported, that near fifty vessels were wrecked on the Irish coast.

There was also an Englishman who worked his passage, having been the cooper of a whaler that was wrecked.

Her soul was wrecked as truly as if the whole world knew it, and could cry to her "Shame!"

Mr. Clews also tells us how roads are wrecked by their boards of directors.

They also wrecked the railway stations at Douai, Don, and Courtrai.

And if that memory were desecrated now she would be as one wrecked in the storm of life.

Three of the seaplanes were wrecked and had to be abandoned.

I wrecked a week's work looking for the little man who wasn't there.

Her poilu friends had nearly wrecked his shop for him on that occasion.