Saved [adjective]

Definition of Saved:

kept from danger

Synonyms of Saved:

Opposite/Antonyms of Saved:

Sentence/Example of Saved:

Your life must be saved; even if you reprove me for the means.

The man who has just saved his life can no doubt obtain any favour.

Then I came for her; I saved her sister; then I saw the name on the card and would not give my own.

We have saved a number of countries from losing their liberty.

For all her dullness, it was a signal from Sally that saved Andrew.

And even after you saved me from Allister's men I was still figuring how I could get you.

Fortunately the corn was not generally housed, and much of that was saved.

Saved by this method once they would reject it when it came to danger the second time.

She longed to give it to Nimble Dick; he had saved her from so much this morning.

She began to believe that some of them, at least, would be saved.