Rescued [verb]

Definition of Rescued:

save from danger

Opposite/Antonyms of Rescued:

Sentence/Example of Rescued:

"It is a pity some of his friends were not here," said the captain of the ship that had rescued him.

Bred in coldness and severity, this had rescued him to have a warm and sympathetic heart.

They rescued the people from barbarism, and uplifted the standard of the cross.

And yet the paper was in his possession; and, she it was who had rescued him from the assassin's knife.

His girl could not be rescued any more, but he could remember.

Thrice at a crisis I pawned my watch, and thrice I rallied and rescued it.

A British bark had gone ashore there and the crew had been rescued with difficulty.

He laid a hand upon the rescued stranger and addressed the police.

But at least it saved his face and rescued him from nullity—he who was their chief.

She must be rescued, Andre, at all costs—she must be rescued!