Defended [adjective]

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The place was well defended by earthworks and natural parapets, and for several hours the issue of the contest was doubtful.

But the strength of his arm, and the bravery of his heart could not have defended him long against their determined attack.

The long narrow bridge which led to the city, was defended by 30 pieces of cannon.

Disheartened, the Confederates now fell back, leaving the field to those who had so valiantly defended it.

At this moment Douglas came on the scene, raised his war-cry, and pressed hard on the English, who manfully defended themselves.

The only bridge across the Zapote River was strongly defended by the insurgents, who had trenches forming two sides of an angle.

Hanway defended his use of the umbrella by saying he was in delicate health after his return from Persia.

The entrance is defended by a bar, on which the Mermaid was nearly lost.

In this quarter, the chief riches of the place are lodged, and that is the point most easily defended.

The eyes of all France had been attracted to her as she thus defended herself and her friends, and confounded her enemies.