Decried [verb]

Definition of Decried:

criticize, blame

Opposite/Antonyms of Decried:

Sentence/Example of Decried:

Several of the defense lawyers not only claim prosecutors have failed to make those cases, but they strongly decry the secretive one-judge grand jury process that led to the charges, a system unique to Michigan and rarely used in the state.

Again and again, various people in the crowd decry those who are actually trying to do the violent work of breaching the building that the mob is pushing to enter.

Democrats decried the campaign — which was to feature celebrities friendly to the president — as reelection propaganda.

Nothing—less than nothing; and yet you venture, upon your paltry experience, to lift up your voices and decry the sex.

That is what they do who decry "godly sorrow" to exalt practical amendment.

Shall we venture to depart from the old ways, and to decry the customs handed down to us from the ages gone by?

Self-interest, which it is the fashion among Christians to decry in words, while adhering to it strictly in action.

Again, we may decry the color prejudice of the South, yet it remains a heavy fact.

But we can never enough decry nor sufficiently condemn the senseless and ridiculous sallies of our unruly passions.

Until this erroneous belief is abandoned it is idle for a teacher to decry the use of local effort.